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I'm Pushti Shah, and Caffeinated Neuron is my brainchild; welcome to my website! I'm a mixed media-artist, a creative entrepreneur, a writer, and an occasional dancer. Alongside customized journals, I also undertake orders for commissioned artworks. Upon request, I also conduct hands-on workshops as well as instructional sessions based on art, craft, entrepreneurial stints, commercializing your hobby, bullet and junk  journaling, and even types of media and canvas for different artforms! My cherished pastime involves marinating in my pajamas, curled up with a juicy hardback. I am the type of nerd who indulges in conspiracy theories and murky science.  Most pieces on this website are a by-product of heavy-duty procrastination and a constant state of caffeine fueled denial. I enjoy bringing your creative ideas to fruition. Get in touch with me and let's get wacky!

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My Story

People are born with silver spoons; I was born with crayons. Ever since I can remember, my fingers have always been paint-smeared. My journey with art began with a box of 12 wax crayon sticks. I was in love with the concept of art. Soon after, I was introduced to the joy of literature. Hardback novels joined my paint bottle collection. Penning down stories and curating artwork to complement the same became the norm. Wax crayons morphed into oil pastels, soft pastels, poster paints, watercolors, acrylics, oil paints, and gouache. Every medium was explored with different styles. I graduated grade 10th with the highest marks in Art. Sadly, rigorous standards of judgement and non-existence of creative thought left me with only talent and no direction. I had no original thought or style to call my own; no way to develop areas I lacked in. That’s also when reality checks and adulting introduced themselves in their full-fledged monstrosity. Competitive exams and heavy subjects of the science stream squeezed out every iota of joy I had. Hobbies were left unkempt and a constant fervor for art was replaced by worries over future and crushing bouts of anxiety attacks. The quarantine, however, brought a much-needed break. I finally had the luxury to breathe. Within a couple of days of the lockdown, I brought out all my art supplies from the storage, dusted off the bottles, and revived the cracked paint with warm water. In no time at all, I had my creative blog up and running. My love for writing and stationery made me stitch a journal from scratch. I posted a random story publicizing it and that’s when an unanticipated business opportunity presented itself. I had gifted that journal to an aunt who is a professor at a university. One of her superiors noticed it and offered to buy it on the spot. That’s how I made my first sale. I soon posted videos and pictures of journals, and orders started pouring in. Turns out, customized journals curated on demand and one of its kind are a rare find and my prices (set to make my product affordable by all) made it even more popular. Personalized artwork for the buyer was the tantalizing add-on. The tag creative entrepreneur was my identifier and I couldn’t be happier. Soon, online classes piled me with assignments once again but I was determined to not let go of my passion this time. I now undertake orders for commissioned artwork and also got the store of hand-picked supplies procured from around the globe up and running, so whatever spare time I have from my studies goes into playing around with paint in a ragged t-shirt and exploring different themes in a multitude of media. Once, a client texted me saying a journal she had purchased for a friend ended up being a tear-jerker and she had cried joyously on receiving her gift. That is one moment I shall cherish forever. It was a sweet, wholesome moment and exactly what I hope to accomplish every time I put forth an artwork of mine. My brushstrokes are my little florets of happy sunflowers! With years of experience in various fields under my belt, I would be happy to guide you on your journey as well. 

Let's Connect

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to bring someone's artistic vision to tangible reality. Get in touch with me!

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