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My Clichéd Account of a Trip

To put it politely, studying for Board exams is the last straw when utter boredom is considered. Frankly, it sucks! I, a tenth grade struggler, felt no different and hated Board exams with all my heart (even more than I hate bananas). So, I proposed to go for a relaxation outing before we slogged for the exams and my gang readily agreed. Sandra, James, Theo and I, thus, hatched a plan.

We decided upon Imagica (obviously!), the amusement park on the Mumbai-Pune Highway. Sandra got hold of free food coupons and our student IDs granted us a cheap entry (the first time I realise the importance of those official looking chokers around my neck). Now this might sound clichéd, but amusement parks live up to their names. And, Imagica was the jam! Calling the experience fun would be adumbrating it.

Upon crossing the threshold of the park, flamboyant colors and overjoyed screams greeted us (thank god I didn't hear a baby crying or else I'd be a murderer by now). Having four more eyes only could make me drink in the scene completely. We had a hard time deciding where to begin. Down the cobbled path that led us to a ferociously exciting rollercoaster or up the stairs that would take us to a one eighty degree swinging pendulum? Walk straight to the haunted house or take a left and find our way through a hedge maze?

Several candy floss selling kiosks and ice-cream carts adorned the road. A delicious smell of smoldering pizzas fresh from the oven lured me to the right fork. Sandra, however, clutched my arm and excitedly pointed out a huge, alluring merchandise store. Upon entering in, a wave of air-conditioner hit us in the face. Cuddle toys of their official mascots and t-shirts printed with the Imagica logo on it were displayed on the shelves. The place was abuzz with kids and adults alike. Fifteen minutes later, we emerged in the sunlight sporting the caps and t-shirts that had caught our fancy.

And then, the actual fun began. The eight-looped rollercoaster left us dizzy and adrenaline-packed. The haunted house gave me a good scare and just when we thought the fun part was over, a woman jumped out with a ‘BOO!’ from behind a pillar and Theo spewed out the water from his mouth all down his front! We collapsed in a peal of laughter and chortled about it all day long. We then went to the pendulum where my hair went all loony, flying right in my eyes (and that's how you get red eyes. Crying plays no role in it, whatsoever). Sandra’s eyeballs seemed to have rattled in their sockets! We then decided to have a lunch break at the pizza place and the coupons ensured we gobbled tons of pizza pies without emptying our pockets. No wonder my waistline increases and my diet plan sucks. And that, noobs, is how I stay single, ready for a Pringle.

To avoid barfing the scrumptious lunch, we stuck to amateur rides for a while. We went on the unicorn themed carousel. I clicked a selfie with a unicorn that read, ‘I FART GLITTER AND CUPCAKES!’ Cool, right? The dumb train ride that followed was quite amusing as James took it upon himself to play the clown. The mirror maze was a conundrum in itself (I swear I ran into a crap ton of mirrors and my nose is now permanently flattened) but the hedge maze took the prize. I was the first one to emerge victorious and unscathed. Poor Sandra brought up the rear with brambles and twigs tangled in her hair. We made sure a photo of it went viral on Instagram. Hey, that’s what friends are for!

A string of dangerous rides and water slides followed and before we knew it, our curfew loomed nearer and we had to head back home. Yes, I have a curfew to follow because I am freaking Cinderalla and I am going to die fabulous. Admit it, I am goals.

​All in all, it was one of those days that always lift your spirits and make you laugh out loud. I knew this would serve as a talisman against boredom while I battled to know the difference between Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The secret is: if it is green and wriggles, it’s Biology; if it stinks, it’s Chemistry; and, if it doesn’t work, it is Physics! Yeah, the outing was amazing and did wonders! *winks*

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